Stomach ache
I continue my efforts in animation. This one was initially planned as a small in-between project, but turned out into many scenes showing this handsome man (and yes, it's a pity to trash out the character I spent time modelling/texturing/rigging after just 1 video). Slowly I feel more and more confident with the craft, still ignoring any courses (really, I/you should not). Character sculpted in ZBrush, Textured in SPainter, everything else is in Blender.
ILL is well and alive! We slowed down with all this crap that is still happening in the world, but we are working on it. It is just we are fully concentrated on the gameplay now and don't really want to share every bits of development. I hope I can tell/show more soon!
#blender #blenderanimation #horrorart #creepy #3danimation #verehin #zbrush #substancepainter